Filter issues with custom fields

Hello guys,

I recently started using SuiteCRM, my current version is 7.11.22 , and i am stuck in an issue with filtering.
I am working in accounts module and i added some custom fields there, like bonus phone and validation date for products that i got in my accounts.
Whenever i filter with a combination of fields (for instance, in the “any phone” filter option i added the bonus phone i mentioned above to the already included “office phone”) my search results are null, but if i filter without a combination of fields (for instance, if i filter with ONLY the office phone, or the bonus phone) it works fine.
Based on searching at google and on the forum i found several suggestions of altering some files, like the varderfs of the custom fields, the filters.php and some more. None of them could fix the issue for me.
What i wanna accomplish mainly is to have in my accounts module the services that someone has active (let’s say someone has 3 services active with different expiration dates for each one) and to filter via the list view based on a combination of expiration dates (for instance expiration_date_1_c OR expiration_date_2_c). Or (that would be better but i dont have a clue how to code it) to have in the list view a column that has the closest to today expiration date for an account (for instance, our current date is 04/02/2022, an account with 3 expiration dates of 20/2/2022 , 27/3/2022 , 1/1/2023 would have in the listview’s field the 20/2/2022 date mentioned).
I figured out that the filter option would be easier to code as i am not experienced enough for the second. But i hit a wall there.
My error is MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘accounts.bonus_phone_1_c’ in ‘where clause’

I would really appreciate some help here.
Thanks in advance!!!

Edit: I am pretty sure that the filter is searching in wrong place, i think it should search for accounts_cstm.bonus_phone_1_c, cause in my database that’s where SuiteCRM sends the data for the custom fields.

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For the Filter issues with custom fields, need to do some customizations in core files.

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