filter contacts that are NOT in a certain target list

I’m trying to find a way to filter contacts according to certain fields in the contacts module AND that are not already in a particular target list.

I so far cannot find a way to do this with either SuiteCRM standard reporting engine nor with KReporter.

Any ideas?

Sometime ago we developed an extension of the “Add to target list” feature that adds to its functionality. One of the added features is remove from target list (in fact there are quite a few more functionalities).

So to achieve your goal, with our plugin, you would have to first create a target list with all the contacts and then from a search result of the contacts you could remove from your target list those that are not needed. Similarly you could add the same results to a new target list.

We are working on adding also an extra feature: remove from target list the items in another target list (but this has not been implemented completely yet…

Unfortunately we need to maintain this code because, since then, certain things have evolved and it no longer works (this should take at most one day of work). Additionally we would like to improve the user interface and this is where we really got stuck, otherwise the configuration would require to edit certain files.

This was supposed to become either a paid plugin or a contribution to the core (however, at times, certain contributions take ages before they are included so my company is not sure on how to proceed.

Without considering the commercial aspects for the moment, would this solve your requirement?

If I understand the functionality correctly: Yes that would be useful for our use-case.

How urgent is it for you?

I will check a possible time-schedule for this functionality without a nice configuration UI.

not urgent and no promise we’ll purchase anything… Just a new workflow from one our employees for which I’m looking at possible options.

OK so we have time to finalise it!

Don’t worry: we are prepared to provide it at no cost.