Filter contacts by campaign


I created contacts and a campaign where there are contacts associated to the campaign. When I go to the associated contacts the campaign is listed there.

But when I want to filter in the contacts list view by the campaign, nothing appears. How is the filter supposed to work if it does not give me the associated contacts? And how can I filter the contacts by a campaign (= get all the contacts in a campaign in the list view) or at least all contacts of a target list?

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You can go into the Target List and see all the Contacts listed in a subpanel.

You can go into the Campaign and see the “Campaign Status” that has a lot of information about how everything went.

If these aren’t enough for your needs, please explain a little better what you’re trying to achieve.


I want to use a bulk action, which I can (as far as I have seen) only do in the list view of the contacts. (I want to create a PDF for all contacts of a campaign, since there is only the e-mail functionality, but we want to send actual letters by post)

In the other views, like in the target list, I cannot select the contacts and perform a “print to PDF”…

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If you just need paper, can you stick to the Print to PDF from the Contact’s list view, and drop the Campaigns altogether?

But if you really want to do it like you initially asked, where you basically need to customize the Filters to fit your needs, you can

  1. Go in Studio and mark any Field as “Searchable”.

  2. If you want more detail, you can try this code customization technique:

Thank you very much, I managed to add a Filter.
Actually the “print to pdf” in the detailed view would not have been enough, because we send up to 300 letters, so it would be quite time consuming to gather them all by the detailed view.