File upload ability in Module Builder?


In another thread, I saw mention of the ability to add ‘file’ as the data types. That thread was over 2 years old. Has there been any progress on this? Any idea of a release date roughly when this might happen?

All I need is the ability to pin a few PDFs on to some of our account records, I don’t need the ability to upload every file format, as I can fully appreciate what a potential nightmare that could cause.


We had this issue as well and realised using the “documents” module was the most effective solution to do this and it actually gives greater flexibility in terms of sorting those documents in the future.

[strike]Sorry, which ‘documents’ module are you using?[/strike]

So, there’s no built-in way to add multiple copies of PDFs to an account record?

Yes, you can do that too with the documents module. In fact it even allows you to track document versions/revisions. I believe documents already have a relationship with accounts so you should see the “documents” sub-panel with each account (in “detail view” NOT "edit view)). Detail view is where you add the documents.

Ah, I shall explore this avenue next. Thank you!