File attachments ... Having problems attaching files to posts on this forum? Solution ...

I don’t know about other browsers, but the click zones are “off”, in Chrome.

To add an attachment, don’t click on "Add File.
Just mouse over the word “Subscribe” on the line below and you will see the tooltip … “No file chosen”. Click here to add your attachment.


I also made a reply on this issue in a conversation for another topic.
So maybe adding it here again could make this a fixed post

On the “Add file” button forum error:
To be able to upload images in Firefox:

  • Just click inside the field, not the actual button.
  • It will open a popup to upload.
  • Then place the cursor on the message and hit insert button.

Note: You can also post a link for your picture for a shared image host on the web.

‘Clicking inside the box’ did not work for me.

Neither did ‘mouse over subscribe’ because I had already commented on the thread, and so was already subscribed, so there was no ‘subscribe’

So: Unsubscribe, then reply, then ‘mouse over subscribe’ and click when ‘no file chosen’ appears.

PGR’s suggestion of using works well too!

wow thanks for the tip PaulM

I thought it was just broken


Reminder …

As I mentioned in another post, if you do not see a “Subscribe” box, just move your mouse DIAGONALLY away from the SOUTHWEST corner of the “Add File” box. When the “No file chosen” tooltip appears, THAT’S where you click to add your file!

And this is annother task for PGR!
Hope this long time error gets fixed (each browser its different!)

It is my understanding that the software used for this forum is a commercial package, provided by a third party. (I have seen it used by other forums). In that case, it may not be possible for SA to fix, in-house.

The software is Kunena
Its free and open source.
The problem is related to the template and an offset of buttons. I don’t know how to fix this!

Another tip to make “add images” work in Chrome - you just have to guess where the button is (invisible) and click on an empty space:

Thanks to @michellegoldmandev for the tip and the screenshot.

I’m hoping I can one day soon take us away from this old forum software and solve this once and for all…