Fields validation or How to set required fields

Hi everyone,

i’m new to suiteCRM. I want to set some of the fields required in account and leads modules.
There is any possibility to do that?

Hi Pukis,

Have a look in the admin section under studio, you can create new fields and edit existing ones including making fields required.


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i’m geting error when i 'm trying to add field.

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/itisnika/domains/ on line 154
{“east”:{“title”:“Edit Field”,“crumb”:"",“content”:"

how can i solve it?

Hi there,

You need to set display_errors = off in your php.ini and then if required log the errors.

If you do a search on php.ini in the forums and on google, you will find resources on how to do so.



Thank you. It worked for me.