Fields missing in Leads

Hi all,
maybe this matter was handled in the past, but I couldn t find anything related to the 7…11.8 version

When I imported some leads by csv file I mapped several available fields and import went well without any error.

But in the standard “lead” list modiule and the detail lead screen some imported fields like firstname and surname are not shown.

Can anybody help me how to show these fields?

Thank you in advance

What do you see on the Leads detail view screen? You can modify your views by navigating to Admin->Studio -> Leads -> Layouts and then change the fields to be displayed on Edit/Detail/List views.

OK, thank you very much. But it doesnt work in the DetailView Tab. Dra&Drop is not accepted, already shown fields cannot be deleted because recycle bin is not shown. so exiting fields can only be replaced by Drag and Drop, not added.

Anyway, maybe I should update suiteCRM to 7.11.9 first but I cannot get the zip file shown in the upgrade wizard. It is uploaded, but not shown for processing the upgrade further…

Any idea what this can be?

For the updrade issue my Log file says: max filesize allowed 60MB., upload denied.

In my php.ini 65MB is setted… Is there any restriction inside suiteCRM for upgrade ?