Fields in report output not reported to correct level of precision, ie it removes some of the decimal places

We have a field ‘longitude’ on a custom module.
It is a float with max size 10 and precision 6. Example data field: -2.751413

When the records are exported directly from table, the field is reported correctly, ie includes all decimal places.

When the records are exported from a report that uses the table, the field is truncated to 2 decimal places, eg -2.71

Does anybody know why this could be eg is it a setting that I need to adjust?

Very much appreciate any advice.

Hey there,

Have you found a solution for this?

I’ve had a look and it appears that the CSV uses the User Profile’s “Currency Significant Digits” value when exporting from the Reports module.

You can find this in:
Your User Profile → Advanced → Currency Significant Digits

So, changing it from 1 Decimal Place:

To 5 Decimal Places:

Is that perhaps what youre looking for?

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Hello John, you are correct, it works! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to respond and help me out.

Ah great!

Glad to hear that it was that easy!

Thanks for confirming! :slight_smile: