Fields "Help Text" (tooltip) not working

While creating/editing a field in Studio the HELP says:

Help Text appears temporarily while a user hovers over the field and can be used to prompt the user for the type of input desired.

but we do not see that text anywhere.

Actually, sometimes we do see it, but many other times it is just not working.

(we have the latest Suitecrm, on linux, and surf with Firefox, in linux too)

Any suggestion on how to fix or how to debug?

thank you

omg, do we really need a plugin for this? (I just saw this one )

forgot to say

  • the pop-up DOES work with Chromium! (but not in Firefox)
  • we use “Dawn” theme,
  • it does not work even as Admin
  • in the Settings menus, as Admin, where we see many (i), the tooltip DOES correctly appear when we click on those (i)

uh, I see it is just a “title” in a very basic HTML input field! while the f… is not working in Firefox? :frowning:

I think I hit a big issue, that has nothing to do with SuiteCRM (cited in )

any advice on how (some how) have it work on firefox?

I may have found the issue: it is a Firefox specific (nothing to do with SuiteCRM)

test it on this page

solved if you disable firefox hardware accelleration! :slight_smile:

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