Fields for PDF templates

Is there a list of all fields that are not in the dropdown list, that can be used in PDF templates.
Example of such a field: Pagenumber {PAGENO}
I am looking for the PAGETOTAL parameter (total number of pages for an Quote / Invoice)

Hi menno,

What version of SuiteCRM are you using? In SuiteCRM 7.1 all fields for a module that are available to be inserted into PDF/Email Templates are listed in the drop downs.



Tried 7.02 & 7.1.0 Looking for other parameters than in dropdowns. Looking especially for Pagetotal (total nr of pages for Invoice & Quote)

You could place in the footer the following: Page {PAGENO} of {nb}


Why are so many things so damn obscure in SuiteCRM? There’s so reference to {nb} anywhere in the documentation, yet this post dates back to 2014.

{nb} works just fine in v7.11.15, which makes me wonder how many other variables are available which can be used on PDF templates? How can I find such a list?

Look into the mPDF docs, it’s 3rd-party software.

These aren’t variables that SuiteCRM is substituting, they’re PDF codes.