@@field@@ to add custom format in Edit View - What is the syntax for doing the same in Detail view

I am using 7.2.5

I use the following code to add custom formatted text behind a filed in Edit view

        'customCode' => '@@FIELD@@ <span style="color:red;font-style:italic;">Format:+6X X XXXX XXXX</span>',

What is the equivalent for @@FIELD@@ to be able to do the same in detail view - what I am trying to achieve is to highlight in colour certain key data on the Accounts Detail View


You can try accessing the value directly using {$fields.theFieldName.value} e.g

'customCode' => '{$fields.theFieldName.value} <span style="color:red;font-style:italic;">Format:+6X X XXXX XXXX</span>',

Hope this helps,

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Thanks, you make it look easy. One more question. I am using a Dropdown List to generate the field data and using {$fields.theFieldName.value} I get the “Item Name” rather than the “Display Label” which means that I have some underscores being displayed. I have tried {$fields.theFieldName.label} but that does not work - any quick suggestions?

This is a little more complex but can be done. $fields.theFieldName.options will give the options for the dropdown so we can use this to grab the display key:



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Guys like you make using SuiteCRM so much fun! Thanks

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All working - great