Field name character length

Hi guys

Have been asked to create a custom module to link to an external website. They have sent me the field names list

The problem I am coming across is when I am adding a new field to my custom module the “field name” is limited to 19 characters.

Is there anyway to increase this number?


Hi Taufique,

Google is your friend! See this SugarCRM forum topic.



Hi Will
I have some more information regarding this project. The data we wish to put into suitecrm is from a customized Drupal Commerce module that handles college course registration and payments. The Drupal sugarondrupal module is providing the REST connection. The drupal application form has field names of

/** Short Course application node **/

field_first_name (String)
field_last_name (String)
field_email (String)
field_telephone (String)
field_address_thoroughfare (String)
field_address_premise (String)
field_address_locality (String)
field_address_administrative_area+ (String)
field_address_postal_code (String)
field_address_country (String)
field_date_of_birth (String) format: 1990-01-15 00:00:00
field_gender (String)
field_emergency_contact_name (String)
field_emergency_contact_email (String)
field_emergency_contact_telephon (String)
field_previous_attendance (Boolean)
field_occupation_description (String)
field_hope_to_gain (String)
field_medical_info (String)
field_dietary_requirements (String)
field_course_find_method (String)
field_add_to_mailing_list (Integer) 0
field_agree_with_tc (Integer) 1
field_course_reference (String) 6022
field_payment_method (String)
field_payment_option (String)
event_type (String) eg. course_application_updated

By using the custom.php method on can a custom module have it’s field name length extended to accommodate longer names IE field_address_administrative_area+ has 33 characters? Is using a textfield one way of achieving this?

Is the use of custom.php files in the <sugar_root>/custom/Extension/modules/*/Ext/Vardefs/custom.php type directory upgrade safe?

Taufique and I are working in the same project, myself from the Drupal side.

Any advice you may have would help greatly on this project.