Field Level Encryption Support

I don’t see this in the Forum.

What is the status of having Field Level encryption in the standard product?

Are there any third-party field level encryption tools or services available compatible with SuiteCRM?


It’s proposed, but not done yet.

What is Sales Agility Plan?

Enabling the old MD5 approach used by SugarCRM that was dropped in 2011 is NOT a viable solution.

Please advise. THX

Correction: The disabled SugarCRM ENCRYPT Field Type was based on Blowfish.

The current SuiteCRM Roadmap indicates that SuiteCRM 7.11 (Release ETA August 2018) will include “fields encryption”.

It would be great if Sales Agility clarifies the following now as part of the Roadmap:

  1. What data encryption algorithm will be used in the ENCRYPT field type?
  2. Will the ENCRYPT Field type be available within all the Core Code (not just Custom Modules)?

I can’t wait for 7.11 :wink: THX

It’s on the Roadmap for 7.11, yes. There is an old PR to reinstate these fields, but it wasn’t merged because it’s not very strong encryption. So for 7.11 we’ll just make sure we use some better encryption, I am not sure which because we haven’t made that ananysis yet. Suggestions welcome (if you are an expert in security).

This will be a type of field. You can add such fields as custom fields to both core modules and custom modules.