Field labels

In core modules such as Contacts and Accounts there are two sets of address details that both have labels “Street, City, State, Postal Code” in the front end Edit and Detail views but when you check out the label names in Studio they show the extended details “Primary Address Street, Alternate Address Street” etc. The primary - alternate distinction is vital when creating reports that need to reference these fields but how can I do something similar for standard text and dropdown fields in a custom module where I need to display a label without the Primary - Alternate prefix in the front end view but retain that prefix for reporting purposes?

Address field is a special type field on Suitecrm. It’s part of the called SugarFields. Please follow this link for information on how to modify it manually:

Interesting to get that information regarding address fields but I don’t think it helps what I’m trying to do as that appears to be very specific to addresses and I only used that as an example of what I would like to achieve in a non-address set of fields.

I need to record details relating to a number of different documents (mainly sent and returned dates) and the preference is to have just “Sent” and “Received” as the visible label (probably with a more lengthy document description in a panel heading) but with “Document_A_Sent”, “Document_A_Received”, “Document_B_Sent”, “Document_B_Received”, “Document_C_Sent”, “Document_C_Received” stored in the background in order to be able to pick these out when creating a report or importing data etc (in a similar manner to Primary Address Street & Alternate Address Street).

If this requires some Ninja level coding skills then it probably won’t happen (as I don’t possess those) but I thought it worth asking as I surely can’t be the only person that would find this useful. (v7.10.10)