Field import based on types of opportunities when converting

[size=4]Hi Community, this is my first post here and I´m not completely sure of where to put this, so here I go.

I’m developing a SuiteCRm for my organization and I have no coding experience but a big enthusiasm and experience administrating a version of SuiteCRm, so I know a few things about but I´m uncertain about a bunch of things I need to know to get this project going, so here I start explaining the case.

We get leads and prospect them into the acquisition of 3 independent services, we need the same data from the clients to be able to offer this services, so we ask our clients for the same data no matter which service we are selling, all that data is supposed to be put on the first tab of our leads view, we got 3 more tabs for the specific data we need to know about the specific service we are selling at the moment, you guessed properly, 1 tab for each service we sell.

So far, so good, everything in order, now, after a client requests a service we have to go throw a process of scheduling the installation date, going to the place and installing the service, so we convert the leads into opportunities every single time a client requests a service and the opportunities include general information about the installation date and the place and so on that we update while the process continues, that’s meant so the opportunities will work for the 3 kind of services we sell, but now I need to include some specific information about the service we are going to install, so I´m thinking to split the opportunities on 4 tabs, 1 for the date and place info, the general info that is worked equally for all the services, and 1 tab for every service.

Here comes the struggle, [color=#44ff44][size=5]I want to select when converting which tab import from the lead to the opportunities,[/size][/color] because for example, if a costumer buys at once the 3 services I will set 3 different and independent appointments that I´d like to maintain separately in 3 different opportunities. After finishing successfully the installation I´d like to convert directly the opportunities into accounts but I think it’s impossible to make that happen. So, does anyone knows how to make happen what is in green?[/size]