Field formatted as Date shows Datetime

The field birthdate for a Customer is set to type “Date”, but when I export it, it contains an entry in a DateTime format, e.g. “28/04/2017 01:00:00” (which is then also the expected input format for file upload).
The Date format in Locale settings is set to “2013-10-23”

Any idea where this is wrongly set?

When I needed a birthday field for a Contact (I suppose that’s what you mean when you say a customer), I had to add it myself. I don’t think there such a field included by default.

Did you add such a custom field yourself?

Yes, the field I added and it is of Type Date

I don’t know much about DateTime fields in PHP, but since nobody else is answering you, I can only comment that it’s normal in many languages to have only one base type allowing for time and date, and then just treat them differently when displaying to the users.

So, the real question is this: do you have any practical problems with getting a TimeDate in the export? Can’t you just ignore the time?