Few crm issues as mentioned below

Hi, We are facing the below issues. Kindly sort these out

  1. In the Application section, only branch wise filter is showing, we need the colleague wise filter (to check the application made by multiple colleagues) as like in the Main Lead section filter

  2. If we do the home page customization, it will go back to reset mode next time when we login

  3. The date format should be DD/MM/YYYY

  4. We are unable to change the password

  5. In the Lead Filter section, please put the Colleague’s name in alphabetical order in the “Assigned to” section as below

  6. We are unable to load the email template into the email body?

Hi @ramzi,

Welcome to the community!!!

First is best practice to let others know your version of SuiteCRM, PHP and SQL.
Next is to read the documentation to get advantage of the many good features SuiteCRM offers:

For issue number 6, apply the two fixes referenced in this thread: