Few Bugs with SuiteR Theme 7.2 Release

First off, this is the best theme thus far, The simple fact that is responsive alone puts it ahead of the others out there which are available. After using the new slick theme for a day, I noticed a few small things after changing the theme colors in SuiteR.

  1. On the dropdown from the main menu, the links do not change color once hovered over (in my case it should be red to white, not red on red see picture)
  2. The page header color does not reflect 100% in the dropdown menu
  3. The popup screens do no reflect any changes as well and show the default color scheme

Thank you for highlighting this, and for using the colour picker/responsive theme.

We’ll log the issues, and resolve for the next bug release.



Found that when looking at suiteR either in a small window on desktop, or on mobile the main dropdown carries over the default colors(blue) and the menu does not produce any hover effects but it is responsive.

I’m not seeing any page navigation options in email with Suite R. I can see about half of the buttons when using Suite 7 at the bottom of the list, above the Reading Pane.

Any idea when the UI color bugs are slated to be resolved? Looked around to see any of the dropdown white text and background issues were worked around yet. See attached for edit menu.

You need to set it in config_override.php

$sugar_config['theme_settings']['SuiteR']['button'] = 'FFFFFF';
$sugar_config['theme_settings']['SuiteR']['button_link'] = '3C8DBC';


These issues will be addressed in SuiteCRM 7.3.

Many thanks!

Hi All,

Apologies for the delay in addressing this issue but it has now been resolved.
GitHub Issue here.



Note: This will be addressed once you upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.3.1, it has not been released yet but you can see the fix on the SuiteCRM GitHub Repository.

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