Fetch leads data


I am new to Suite CRM, we need to catch the data into excel, when any lead is beinging created.

Like when we entry lead info in create lead, on submit its should write to excel file with details.

Any help would be apprecaited.


Hi, welcome.

You want a separate Excel file for each Lead created, as soon as it is created?

Or would it suffice to be able to get a list every once in a while?

Have a look at the Export function from the Lead’s List view.

need to add an event on save button on create lead page. which enters data to excel for each entry.

This might turn out to be hard because the browser is not supposed to start running code in your host PC.

You might have to find a different path. For example: just leave everything in the SuiteCRM database but link a “data source” in Excel to fetch the latest data everytime.

Or if you can do it with an Online spreadsheet, you can use Zapier or the (Google Sheets API directly) to get the data in there.