Feedback to the Emal system in a fresh 7.10.1 installation


this are my findings with a fresh installation of 7.10.1.
Centos 7, php 7.2

  1. outgoing emails

Error Sending Email. Please contact your administrator for assistance. (Maybee say you have no rights, it is not an error)
No Smtp Log.
Afterwards I get forced logged out. Message: You have been logged out because your session has expired. Even though I was in the system actually using it.
Back as an admin
Group email outgoing account is doubled, one is working while testing the other not (Smtp Log: 3: Invalid address: (punyEncode) SuiteCRM)
I created outgoing emails account as a user. They are not shown (compose email). What is shown when you choose an email account while composing an email is the “from:” text, which is entered in the inbound Email account. This is not funny. Where is the need to open outbound email accounts on several masks and then the system uses the inbound email information. How can it be, when I am able to setup my own outgoing email account that I cannot select it?
I cannot understand the connection between ingoing email settings for outgoing emails and the outgoing email accounts chosen from the system. It looks to me that the system takes the information from the incoming email setting and then may be using the system account. I don´t know but I know that it is working in 7.9.14. Even though there is the same structural fault that users can setup emails and there is no clear difference between personal emails and group emails.
User xxxxxxxxx attempted to send an email using incorrect email account settings in which they do not have access to
Finally I went back to the system email account and ticket the "Allow users to use this account for outgoing email: " checkbox. Voila. Group Email is sent out but with no from information. This is a proof that the suitecrm is not using individual outgoing email accounts. This might work as long you have only one ISP but it´s not logical to have all this outgoing account possibilities and going out always with the system account. At least in group emails.

  1. From name, from address
    a user can add an outgoing email account but cannot fill in from name and from email address. If he sends an test email from is composed by the system with first and surname. if he composes an email and sends it no from name is shown.
    The admin can edit users outgoing email account. He is able to fill in from information. This is not used when sending emails from the user. The administrator has no rights to test users outgoing email account but does not get the right information (error instead of rights clue).

• it does not use created outbound email accounts nor can they be selected when composing emails. The pickup list is misleading.
• the provided information to users and admins are misleading and do not fulfil expected man machine user communication
• the outgoing “from” information gets parsed to test emails. In “group emails” correctly in personal emails not, but composed from user name. Sending real emails do all have no “from” information parsed.

Best Werner

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