Feedback: Amazing!

I just realized I haven’t taken the time to say in this forum just how thankful I am and how amazed I am at the functionality and benefits of SuiteCRM. I searched high and low and I"ve used paid solutions and libre/source but nothing can come close to the offerings and ease of use of SuiteCRM.

I have spread the word to everyone I know to stop their search and start their search here. Everything else is a big waste of time.

Thank you so much to all the contributors!


Hi wayneoutthere

Thanks for the positive feedback!

We’re glad that you are getting great usage out of SuiteCRM, and we appreciate you letting others know about it!

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Let me just agree with this!

Especially since the move from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM, the amount of real-life applicable value that is crammed into this solution is just AMAZING.

Thanks to Sales Agility and all the others who contributed, with code, support, plugins, etc.

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I will just add to this feedback and say thanks for a great product! :slight_smile:


I agree, it is a great product. Unfortunately I am not really sure the open source community is supportive enough. When you have a problem the documentation is well lacking. If you post to the forum you’re lucky if someone replies.

I love the concept of open source. I just wish the community was more engaged in problem solving and helping others resolve issues. Open works if the community is strong. I sometimes wonder how many actual users of the solution there are. Because based on the forum and the lack of replies it seems very limited.

Love the software but we need to support it better. :oops:

@Tseward, I agree you are quite right about the difficulties.

But I feel I need to add a couple of thoughts…

  1. Part of this is a problem of setting the expectations right: if a person expects to build a CRM in their company and do it all for free, point-and-click, with free support, etc., they’re in for big problems. I would not advise anybody to go with SuiteCRM unless they were willing to pay somebody to develop it, or unless they have some serious development skills in-house. But the same could be said for any other major competitor of SuiteCRM. Yes, it’s free but then requires serious investment. And yes, the learning curve is daunting.

  2. We have to be patient. This is just starting. The momentum is building, a lot of valuable work is being done, the team is coming together, but yes, it’s still not enough, and yes, documentation is lacking. But at this point, i feel as though a huge bet was waged and won - SuiteCRM is happening, it’s not an irrelevant fork of SugarCRM. This is what will make people (SalesAgility and others) continue to invest in it, and with time the rest of the stuff we need will appear.

In a sense, it’s good news that SalesAgility can’t cope with the current levels of activity on the forums, on GitHub, etc. But they’re growing the team, they’re putting the processes in place so that things can evolve positively.

I think they’re doing a lot as it is, and we’re not paying them to do it. So I try to be thankful and patient, and do my fair share of contribution.

Despite saying all this, I know it’s painful for some people because the roadblocks are simply too high - possibly that is your case…

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I could not agree more. I applaud the work SalesAgility is doing and the product is definitely showing improvement. I am mostly just trying to spur on the community.

I am not a developer by trade but am a can do person who know how to think and figure things out. I only wish there were more community members helping with their insight and experience. Often that is enough to help get the ball rolling so to speak.

I also wished that the modules community would open up a bit more.

Thanks for your reply and insight I definitely think it is heading in the right direction. I just notice so many topics and lot without replies.

Thanks for listening. SuiteCRM is an excellent choice, and is on solid footing for moving forward.


I want to thank you too the Sales Agility team. This is an AWESOME product. <3

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Thanks for all of the positive feedback.

We are definitely aware of the constraints on the community support on both the forums and GitHub and will continue to put processes and resources in place to improve this as we grow.

We hope you’re looking forward to 7.7.



Just wondered where to give my feedback about the latest beta release. The change and new features added in this new release are just amazing, Hats of to your team. I would like to add a few things here which would could be considered as a good feature:

  1. Separate page for Notification, where user will see all his notifications and can mark them read. Because sometimes the number of notification goes on increasing and user finds it cumbersome to go and keep on clicking close on every notification there in the list.
  2. The Form on editview page is quite sparse, the size of Text-boxes is bit large, that part doesn’t give a good feel while entering the data, It would look great if it is compact, just like the way insighlty crm has.
  3. Width of Dashlets of reports take almost the whole screen, Purpose of dashboard is to quick view all the items in limited space, that is not met here.

Once again, great work by your team,

Thank you,

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It’s wonderful! Everything is searchable. It is customizeable.

But, I want to create quote templates for various products. You need a how-to for newbies.

Each template has to have a link to these fields…Date, Company, Contact Name, Mail Address, City, State, zip. How do I link these fields to the template??

I will put the information for products and prices manually.

Sherwin Berger
RTI Sales
Lincolnwood, IL

Just insert the sample data when creating a new template. Gives you everything you need

We’v been using SugarCRM Professional for about 3 years and have heavily customised it. I’m looking at migrating away from SugarCRM to Suite. But I haven’t got any version to run properly yet.

I have so many issues starting with the setup. it makes no difference what options I set, I always end up with just a blank install and then cannot change anything without the whole thing crashing and needing reinstalling.

not so amazing for me I’m affraid.

Howard, you should just start the specific threads here on the forums with your specific errors, system specs. etc. I believe it would not be too hard to help you out, most of these all-or-nothing errors are solvable with some permissions work, or with a few fixes that affect only some versions of PHP (notably on WIndows) or MySQL.

I agree even this should NOT happen, and I’m slowly working on more permanent fixes, but what I mean is that the bad experience isn’t uniformly bad all the way; it’s just bad until some basic things get fixed and then everything starts “rolling”. Probably.

I am also getting the same experience. It’s amazing!!!

Acabo de descubrir Suite CRM y la verdad lo que he visto hasta ahora me esta sorprendiendo muy gratamente. Se ve que es un software muy completo y encima GNU. Que mas se puede pedir.
Además he visto que trabajáis con Joomla! como yo, es lo mas.

A partir de ahora uno de mis trabajos es compartir vuestro trabajo y daros a conocer.


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Hi to all you incredible helpfull and wise guys in the SuiteCRM community.

Me too are overall so impressed with this wonderful tool.

Have used it in the past 4 years - and Im very impressed.

I know there is something here and there, but this is also a very powerfull tool - and believe me, you will also have thing to improve in the most expensive CRM systems in the market.

I appreciate your efforts :wink:

Thanx to all of you.

(And the layout - so cool - so easy to see - logical - effective - no nonsens - I love it)

Have a nice weekend


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I too would like to add my thanks! I’ve always been able to find help and solutions from community members and moderators. Thanks guys. Love the product. I wish I could help out more!

Special thanks PGR, you’ve helped me out a bunch of times!

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