Features in the SuiteCRM NHS Edition ?

What features are found in the SuiteCRM NHS Edition that are not in the SuiteCRM ? I have scoured the internet and see no mention of features in the press releases. Thx.

I’ve downloaded and installed it but I can’t undestand the difference.

I think that the only difference is the default logo, and some other cosmetics that makes the system specific for the NHS (UK’s National Health Service)

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Hello :slight_smile:
I was really excited when I read SalesAgility & Apperta had released a SuiteCRM “NHS Edition”
We work with many care homes in Apprenticeship Training and have been looking to customise a SuiteCRM instance for a care facility and thought it was great, a project specific to NHS and care providers

Looking on Apperta GitHub

I thought I would ask here if the teams have any plans to customise, improve or enhance this project?

This year we have been doing some R&D for SuiteCRM NHS Edition,

We have spoken to local care homes and reviewed other systems on the market to identify the common areas where systems improve day to day activities, compliance documents and patient management.

From the R&D we have downloaded SuiteCRM NHS Edition, upgraded it to SuiteCRM 7.9.1 and customised it (through studio / a little custom HTML)

Accounts = (Service Users / Patients / Residents)

Contacts = Family Members / Bill payer

Cases = Accident Reports / Complaints or Issues

Meetings = Appointments

Documents = For compliance document control (document expiry reports)

Invoices = Create, products can be used or services and then link to Service User & Primary Contact

Rooms = Simple custom module for creating Rooms and linking to Service Users for the “Current Room” they are located

We found using this licence plugin - https://www.sugaroutfitters.com/addons/basecontactadd
Users are able to Quick create contacts inside a Service User record quickly and see all contacts for a service user in the list view

We are really behind the SuiteCRM project and the split project NHS Edition
I am sure the teams have great solutions for NHS and not trying to show anyone how to suck eggs here, just wanted to share how we have customised SuiteCRM NHS Edition and say we would be glad to share the instance with the Apperta GitHub (minus licence plugin)

We are hoping to add a Prescriptions module on a schedule through appointments / meetings

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Would you mind sharing the modules and other changes you have done that would help other healthcare orgs?

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Hi dbruinsma

We are more than happy to share our updates to 7.9.1 with the community!

I have removed the licence plugin

Uploaded the .zip to DropBox - please let me know if there is a better place to upload this :slight_smile:

New file here :slight_smile:

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how yo install this? :wink:

This is a full SuiteCRM instance that needs to be extracted and hosted. It is not a plugin or upgrade.

We are happy to host and support this for anyone at EngageCRM.

If you would like any further information please get in touch :blush::+1:

More information here