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Feature Request: Dropdown as Checkboxes

is it possible to get a feature in suitecrm what makes it possible to configure multiselect fields as a checkbox group?

Like this plugin for sugar crm https://www.sugaroutfitters.com/addons/multienum-as-checkboxes

Yes is possible,
but you need a specific module (or suitecrm extension) that do it :wink:

Yes if you can try the following code.


The solution no longer works on the current SuiteCRM version (7.11).

Has anyone figured out how to change the MultiEnum (Multi-Select) dropdown to checkboxes? Thanks!

I have tested just.It works. What do you have a problem?

Hi @p.konetskiy, what version are you on? I am on the SuiteCRM Version 7.11.18.

I followed Bickart’s SugarCRM 6 hack and rebuilt extensions. Yes, it made MultiSelect working with checkboxes. But when I wanted to save the record, the “Save” button did not respond.


The object of field type is same for all subversions of 7.x.x. Look at messages in console of browser.
Do you have problem with both buttons Save (top and buttom)?

@p.konetskiy Both “Save” buttons didn’t work after applying the change. The “Save & Send invites” and “Close and create new” buttons didn’t work either. Only the “Cancel” button works fine.

I found why this hack didn’t work for me. It works in general. My scenario is that the MultiSelect field is set as required. When the field is required, the “Save” button didn’t respond.

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