Feature Request: auto update fields

it would be really wonderful if the new Suite8 could manage updates just like ajax requests.

Let’s assume to make an update though the REST API and see the changes on the webpage without refreshing it.

This will make really helpful SuiteCRM and will have an heavy impact vs competitors.

Hope someone could take care of this.


I don’t see how you could implement this generically, for every field of every screen… you can’t have screens constantly querying the server, until something happens.

This is the kind of thing you make for one specific item in one specific screen, where the cost is worth it because it really helps your user’s work flow.

You are absolutely right.

It could be really interesting and helpful to have a sort of parameter you can control / send ex: via Rest API(or even views) that catch only certain fields to be refreshed.

What do you think about it guys?


IMHO there are other things which should have a much higher priority than this at the moment.

In any case, if someone could contribute this kind of feature without overloading the system, it will be surely welcome!

It sounds nice, but technically this could be a nightmare.

See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14051795/push-changes-to-a-webpage-without-refreshing

For an app like ours that needs to be very compatible with a ton of browsers, including old ones, this is not an easy feat.

I see this happening as custom code inside some view where you really need it, using “long polling”, but i don’t see this becoming an app-wide feature.

That said, I am no big expert in Web development, so if anyone else knows more about this, please comment.

Did you find any link that talk about this customization? I mean “long polling” only on custom or selected views…

Thank you

No I’ve never seen a tutorial for this. It should be within the reach of any web developer with AJAX experience. You would customize the view you want, inject your Javascript and develop the feature.