Favorites. Invisible "Star" ver. 7.5.1.

in the 7.5.1. version User can’t see the favorite’s star. See attach.
Is it bug? Сan I fix this? :dry:
Hope for replay, Thank you

I have the same problem, I was wondering where that star was… then I hovered my mouse next to the Contact’s name and realized it was still there, and it’s working, but completely invisible…

Ok, I went and analyzed the problem a bit…

It seems this is the culprit, in file themes/SuiteR/css/colourSelector.php

/* Icon CSS */

    fill: #<?php echo $sugar_config['theme_settings']['SuiteR']['icon']; ?> !important;

which gets rendered to the browser as:

/* Icon CSS */

    /*! fill: #FFFFFF !important; */

If I disable that CSS rule, the icon appears normally.

So I checked my Theme colour configuration, and I notice I do have an “Icon Colour” set as white (FFFFFF). But I don’t remember setting it like that. I also see my icons on each dashlet are showing as white (nearly invisible). However, changing that value doesn’t appear to be changing anything…

Recently there were changes to some parts of the code configuring theme colors:

I don’t know where to to take it from here…

Mine went weird as well but I’m only on 7.4.1 I don’t remember changing it but it did go weird!.

So I ended up just changing that white setting to a darkish grey on my theme and things seem ok.

Please disregard my sentence above “However, changing that value doesn’t appear to be changing anything…”. Changing that icon colour configuration in the Theme settings does solve this problem.

I had done a bunch of browser refreshes, log in and log out, restart php on the server, but it hadn’t been enough to really apply the setting! After a while it did apply.

So the question now is: is that value FFFFFF the default? Is it a good default?

Maybe someone who hasn’t touched their theme colors could tell us.