Faults in studio edits - 7.10

Hello all
The button to edit the names of fields and new panels in studio does not work.
The labels are also not saving changes other than showing the same body in all modules.
Is that just me?

PHP 7.0
SuiteCRM 7.10

HI @Adriano_ABC can you please share the screenshots of error you are facing? This will be helpful finding solution.

Hello @mustafa_taheri,

Thanks for your response. Here are two examples.


I think it’s easier to see.


please open an issue on GitHub with this, including your screenshots.

(search first to make sure it is not already there)


Ok I’ll do it.

Created #5342 for tracking.

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Hi, sorry I am a tad late to this thread.

I believe that I mad a PR to fix this issue #5271.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for raising this issue.


Perfect.I had not found this solution before, thank you, really # 5271 works.

That’s great to hear, thank you for letting us know.

Please keep in touch if you encounter any more issues!

thanks again,