FATAL errors logged when accessing SuiteCRM 7.13.2 Admin - Email Settings

Each time I access Admin - Email Settings, I received 1 log error:
[FATAL] log call at: modules/EmailMan/tpls/config.tpl:474 - styleChecked is not set

Below is the code in config.tpl starting at line 472:
line 472: doesn’t show properly in this post with left & right arrows ( td width=“40%” NOWRAP valign=“middle” )
line 473: <input type=“checkbox” value=“1” name=“xmp” id=“xmp” {$xmpChecked}>  <xmp>
line 474: <input type=“checkbox” value=“1” name=“style” id=“style” {if isset($styleChecked)}{$styleChecked}{else}{log msg=“styleChecked is not set”}{/if}>  <style>

Screenshots of module:

Emails are being sent and sending a test email from the Email Settings module works normally.
I’ve looked online for reports of this issue however nothing points me in the right direction. Anyone have an idea why I’m getting these errors and how to resolve them? Thanks in advance.

I am seeing the same error messages

I am on SuiteCRM 7.14.3 on Siteground - CentOS based

Did you ever get resolution of why the error was showing and what can be done to resolve it?

One thing I did notice was that in the Admin → Email Settings window under the Email Security Settings, the only Checkbox I had NOT checked was the style Checkbox.

I then Checked and saved that Checkbox to see what will happen but not sure if that was the issue or not.

If it was the issue, I’m curious as to why NOT setting that to Checked would be deemed a [FATAL] error by the system.


I believe the error can be safely ignored. It seems to be just a bit of extra logging that someone left there, but it’s more of a warning than a real FATAL.