Fatal error in sugarcrm.log - Workflow with a Condition about a Custom Field

Hi, i found a fatal error in my sugarcrm.log

Query Failed: SELECT leads.id AS id FROM leads  WHERE leads.status = 'riunione' AND leads_cstm.prima_riunione_c != '' AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM aow_processed WHERE aow_processed.aow_workflow_id='6f306bd7-e97d-d00d-2fdf-540891584277' AND aow_processed.parent_id=leads.id AND aow_processed.status = 'Complete' AND aow_processed.deleted = 0) AND leads.deleted = 0 : MySQL error 1054: Unknown column 'leads_cstm.prima_riunione_c' in 'where clause'

I understand it’s not making any Join with leads_cstm table

it’s about a Workflow regarding a Condition on a custom field.

The Workflow works nice the same.
But i want to submit the bug anyway.

This is the workflow:

Hi mayerelyashiv,

Have you upgraded to the latest version of SuiteCRM(7.1.4)? Is this still an issue on the latest release?



Hi Will, i haven’t test it yet on 7.1.4 version.
I’ll do it and i’ll let you know