Fatal Error cron.php

Hi, Friends

I need help.
my cron.php shows an error which is:

Does anyone know what happens?

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

What is your SuiteCRM version, please?

And your CLI PHP version? You can get it with
php -v

Is that the only message that appears, or did you edit out any earlier messages?

php: 7.0.29
suitcrm: 7.11.12
It´s the only message.
Try changing the time zone in php.ini but it doesn’t work

A common error is to change the wrong php.ini, there is more than one.

Use this to check your exact CLI path:

php -i | grep php.ini

Also, this will show you your effective timezone:

php -i | grep timezone

I reset the pc and execute the command again the first time it showed this the second does not show anything but it does not work

Ah, you’re on XAMPP in Windows! It would have been nice to know this earlier. You won’t find grep on Windows… use just php -i and scroll up to see the relevant parts.

On XAMPP it’s very important to turn off display_errors in your php.ini. Then you need to make sure you track your PHP errors in the log file defined in error_log.

Do this in both your php.ini's, the one for CLI, and the one for your Web server. You can find it’s ini path in Admin / Diagnostics / phpinfo.

I use wampserver

I followed your instructions but I took what the images show. I don’t know how to solve it

Please be a little more precise ion the information you give. Where is that showing?

On screen?

On the console when you run cron?

In the log file?

Any way, there are many log messages and they are normally safe to ignore except FATALs and ERRORs and some WARNINGs. The other ones - DEPRECATED, NOTICE, just ignore them, unless you have some problem, something that is not running well in the application.

Now the console shows this:

this makes it impossible to generate the cases that the email receives

So that’s a different issue now, right?

There’s something wrong with your email setup. There is probably another error above that one that explains better what is happening (even if it is a less severe error, like a WARNING). What kind of account is this? Do you know if it is working in other places of SuiteCRM?