Farewell and Thank you

After two and a half years of learning and customizations, my journey with SuiteCRM is coming to an end. Management has been attracted to the HubSpot shiny ball and pulled the trigger to make the switch by January 2024.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who supported me and answered my questions during these past two years.

Special thanks to Paul Stevens at iGo Sales and Marketing, Inc. for his invaluable assistance with my installations.

If you’re in need of a SuiteCRM developer with expertise in the LAMP stack, please feel free to reach out. With 30 years of experience in the ISP industry and extensive integration code knowledge, I can help.

Once again, thank you all for your support.



I can attest to @tkoehn 's expertise as well! He developed some really complex external integrations and gave SuiteCRM users the ability view, update and create records in related systems right from the SuiteCRM record detail view. It really was amazing stuff. He also developed a mostly automated push for customizations from dev to test to production which made developing and coordinating changes really straight forward. He also integrated the case module into the calendar module giving users the ability to schedule jobs for his installers and manage it in the calendar. Great stuff.

Hope we get a chance to work on another project together!

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Thank you so much for your contribution and help that you provided all of us and I would like to get support from you on suiteCRM in the future.

Tony you will be missed - you ran a fully featured SuiteCRM in a production environment and were generous in sharing your knowledge widely here.

Best of luck, not that you’ll be investing that part of your week now on other tasks: I hope they are equally as interesting!