Failed to Login ('You must specify a valid username and password') after upgrading 7.9.2 to 7.10.20

I am upgrading a SuiteCRM instance from 7.1.3 to 7.11.10.
And have upgraded up-to 7.9.1 successfully. Now when I try to upgrade it 7.10.20 OR 7.10.24 upgrading process runs usual and it also displays new version of crm 7.10.20. But once I logged out I am not able to login to my system.

(i) I had the same issue in upgrading 7.7.1 to 7.8.10; then i just by changing the upgrade version it worked(7.8.6 instead 7.8.10). But here it is not working.

(ii)I check users table in the database login credentials(including user_hash) is same as previous,

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Do you see any messages in your logs?

Hi @pgr, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
In the logs file nothing more informative, it something like
[FATAL] ‘authentication fail for user admin’.

Hey there,
Since 7.10.x there a few changes to the password management that perhaps your current instance has fallen into.

What is the exact error on your login screen. Does it mention anything about password has expired?
Is your passwords system generated? (issue related & PR related to

Hi @samus-aran
No my password is NOT a system generated password. No it does not say ‘password has expired’.

To make sure you are trying the correct password, maybe you reset it from the database, using phpMyAdmin or similar.

Set user passwords from database

// MySQL
update users 
set user_hash = md5('somepassword') 
where user_name = 'admin';  

Hi @pgr I just tried your solution with v7.9.7 as well as v7.11.10 but still have the same problem.

Are you using a very simple password? Start with that. Sometimes the problem comes from some strange character in the password that is causing problems.

At least you would be able to know if the problem comes from the password text itself, and later you can find a more complex password that works.

If that is not the problem then we’ll have to think of something else. Maybe your logs have something else right before that FATAL, which might be relevant?

My password is quite simple. It does not have any special characters. Just a plain English word something simple as “john”.
I did go through below solutions,

But things are not going as expected.