Failed to create portal user on new instance

First, I have reviewed all of the existing posts to see if I could find an answer but found nothing to work.

I have an existing version of SuiteCRM-7.12.7 (upgraded from 7.12.5) working with customer portal working on it.

I have set up another instance of a new SuiteCRM-7,12,7 and am trying to get the Portal working. I keep getting the “Failed to create portal user” error on this instance. Both systems are are being hosted on the same server with separate databases. Joomla has been installed in separate folders connected to its specified database.

I followed the instructions at Portal Installtion

I have compared the different Joomla Databases and don’t find any real difference between them, I have compared the Case Module Settings configurations but don’t see anything different other than the URL of the Joomla Sites.

Apache has been configured for each joomla site with its own unique hostname.

I am not finding anything in the apache logs, SuiteCRM logs that stand out.

Might someone have an idea that I could look for to see what I did wrong?

I am Joomla aware but don’t really have much experience in Joomla sites.