Facing decimal separator issue in Suitecrm

I am facing error message "The decimal separator cannot use the same character as the thousands separator.\n\n Please change the values error.’ while clicking on save button on any of the form.

Please suggest.

If it affects every user in the system, change the separator characters in Admin / Locale

If it affects only a specific user, then it’s in the User profile / Advanced tab

pls confirm which field needs to be updated and what data needs to be filled in that field, inside Admin/Locale.

I don’t know, I’ve never seen that error. I would just look for fields mentioning “separators” and see if they are using the same character or not, and try changing one of them and seeing what happens.

Thank you so much its working now. I have put “.” in 1000s separator and keep decimal feild blank then it starts working.

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