Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Target and Lead generation, and keeping up with Contacts.

It would be nice to have a feature where targets would be automatically, socially “suggested”. Suite would connect to the social networks, and acquire targets based on criteria like, “Targets who may be interested in a product or service because they have a similar profile as a Contact who has bought”.

Same for Contacts - connect to social networks, update Contacts latest activity and interests into a profile page inside Suite, to keep up with their latest posts containing keywords related to their purchasing, this could help identify new opportunities.

Hi Chris,

This is a nice suggestion but would require a large amount of development work. If you felt it was worthwhile and others wanted this functionality, you could start contributing to the project.




You’re right about the huge development work.

I’m thinking since the social networking code is already running reliably for joomla, it would be simpler for sutiecrm / sugarcrm to remotely call joomla over soap rpc-xml or rest, to get and post on the social networks. Would make sense, since many users are already running joomla to provide the AOP customer case portal.