Facebook integration to suitecrm

Version : SuiteCRM-7.11.20
Code Base : Php

Could you please explain the way of FB integration (free) to SuiteCRM.
And also please provide if there are any documentations to refer.

Is it possible to schedule posts to FB pages and track the lead interactions and get data directly to SuiteCRM?
If code changes are needed, please give more details.

Hey there,

Have you found a way to achieve this?

I’ve had a look and I’ve found some old threads around this:

^This link, users have noted a few third party services to achieve this. (LeadsBridge/Zapier/Integromat)
Perhaps it is worth looking into these?

However, in this thread above, the user R3xMan notes that methods from the Facebook API have been deprecated, so there would be issues with Facebook Integrations.

There is a Github issue for this currently: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/2914

With a proposed fix of:

Remove read_stream from the files:

I haven’t assessed this myself, but please feel free to try this!

Other than that, I don’t believe there is much information on setting up Facebook Integrations with SuiteCRM, i’m afraid

Unless any other user has come across a good resource?