Extreme sluggishness after upgrade to 7.5.3

I have upgraded my SuiteCRM version 7.1.4 instance to 7.5.3. I did this using the Upgrade Wizard to apply the following upgrades in succession: 7.1.x to 7.3.2, 7.3.x to 7.4.3 and 7.4.x to 7.5.3.The upgrades went relatively smoothly except for having to periodically chmod and chown the files at different points before continuing. I always made sure that I logged out and back in before starting a new upgrade.

Now I am noticing that it takes a very long time to load screens. Every screen… I saw some suggestions that this was happening to others but did not see a solution.

I am still running two versions on SuiteCRM on my server. My original 7.1.4 instance and the new 7.5.3 instance with all of the same customizations and data as the 7.1.4 instance.

So if I open the same account on my 7.1.4 instance, it takes 50 secs. If I open this account using the 7.5.3 instance, it takes 18.5 seconds. Pretty major hit.

All my file permission and ownership settings are correct. Nothing is being logged in either the php_error.log or the sugar log.

Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated.

it’s not possible…wait 50sec or 20sec for page.
I know, this is dependant :

  • php version
  • mysql version
  • some apache mod (cache).
  • some setting on admin section " System Settings" of suitecrm (disable some setting for faster like log memory, and other there)
  • of course, on host computer

how many record have you on a table ? biggest table count record ?


Both of these instances are running on the same system with the same configuration. The only differences might possibly be the SuiteCRM config settings. I have not compared them but will look at them.

Here are my versions that you asked for.

  • php version [PHP Version 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.9
  • mysql version 5.5.40
  • some apache mod (cache). Not sure what you are asking but again I reiterate that both instances are running on the same platform.
  • some setting on admin section " System Settings" of suitecrm (disable some setting for faster like log memory, and other there) I will check these
  • of course, on host computer

how many record have you on a table ? biggest table count record ?
3500 Accounts, 1200 Leads, 2600 Opportunities…not very large


I just run a diagnostic :
Suitecrm 7.5.2 (clean install , not upgrade)
Linux vps 3.10.0-327.10.1.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Feb 16 17:03:50 UTC 2016 x86_64
Centos 7
PHP Version 5.6.19

And very fast. Server response time: 0.06 seconds.

You have certainly some cache file to delete, quick repair rebuild, … (maybe look apache log, php log for error)

Thanks but I have looked at all of those options. No luck!

That is fast. But I would be happy if I could just get the 50 secs that I was getting before the upgrade.


sorry i speak french then i use google translate sometimes… but if i understand : you will a slowly suitecrm than a faster :slight_smile:
That’s easy :

  • enable all setting in admin section
  • enable developer mode
  • enable log for all
  • rebuild config.php
  • disable cache mod (zend engine) on php.ini

Good luck.

Are you sarcastic there or I do not understand properly (French is my mother language too!) :slight_smile:

you say that it was taking 50 seconds to load a page in the previous version and now after the upgrade it takes 18! ??

what is the problem there? please explain…

BTW I upgraded from 7.4.3 to 7.5.3 and my system is now slow, I am getting complaints from users…
trying to investigate since yesterday, applied many tentative fixes with no luck.

Oops! That was a mistake. I meant to say .5 (1/2 a sec) for the old system and 18.5 seconds for the new upgraded system. I was wondering why he (item) said what he did. Now it makes sense.

I am back to 7.1.4 and going to upgrade just to 7.4.3 because I think that is where the slowdown occurred. And since the same thing happened to you, I think that is the problem. I am testing on my development system before I roll it out to users, but I feel your pain!

Thanks for making me see that I left out my decimal point.

Let me know if you find out what caused it. Good luck!

I left out my decimal point. 7.1.4 was loading accounts in (.5 secs) and 7.5.3 is loading same accounts in 18.5 secs!!

with 7.4 it was a few seconds for an account now with 7.5.3 up to 14 seconds, often in the 6 to 8 seconds range…

And no problems logged in any of the logs? And also I verified that the DB query time has not changed as I am still running both 7.5.3 and 7.1.4 on my server.

So this tells me it has to be something going on in SuiteCRM because the machine and environment (PHP version, MySQL version, OS version) is all the same.

What type of things have you tried?

Although my environment looks quite different…

IIS 6 running out of win 2008 r2 server
PHP 5.3.28
data server being windows server 2012 and not stressed at all, it is a workhorse we never could stressed it.
data base is about 50 gigs
with 22k accounts and 88k contacts

less than 100 actives users distributed all over the world

I stopped logging everything php and suite
of course developer mode is not active
I did had errors in the logs, could correct most of them

during the upgraded I boosted my max memory to 512 meg, now it is back at 128 meg.
tonight I will look over other settings that I modified

I will keep you updated

I have determined that this actually happened at 7.4.3. And I have also determined that one of my CPUs is maxed out during the time that the screen is loading. And again, nothing is being logged anywhere. I have looked at other forum posts where the CPU is at 100% and they all seem to be related to Cron jobs and I have disable all of my scheduled jobs.

Anyone have any ideas?

I am happy to report that the system is back to normal.
As a reference, using a complicated account with history, contacts etc. what was taking 14 seconds to load yesterday, it is back to normal at less than 3 seconds to load. A contact was loading in 8 seconds, is now loading in less than 2! B)

I got an sql databse administrator to help.

What we found out:
Many id’s field relating to other module’s primary keys where blank, i.e. " (36 spaces) " or empty (len=0) and not null
it appears that suitecrm was interpreting this as a value (instead of null which is no value) and tried to lookup the related moduleS which got thousands of SQL requests to the server for only one account. This was the main issue. so we went through most tables finding fields that relates to an ID and make sure that the table did not containg “blank” such id’s.
per example
using the case table :

if you can try this query which will show you problems with assigned user id and related account id… :

SELECT TOP 1000 [id],
len(account_id)  accountidlen     ,account_id
  FROM [sugarcrm].[dbo].[cases] where left( assigned_user_id,3)='   ' or left(account_id,3)='   ' order by [assigned_user_id], case_number desc 

all the “accountidlen having” a value of “0” is problematic or bad… I had 488 of those
I corrected with this code (use at your own risk)

update cases set account_id=null where len(account_id)=0

My point is that several tables had this problem bringing the performance real bad…
BTW I noticed and updated many tables that the ID field was not primary key ( :blink: I am not an sql expert but I learned that we should always put a PK on table, I might be wrong on that one.)

I will post a question for the developers inquiring about best practice in that case and if it is normal or not… (question for developers)

Glad that you have resolved your issue. It seems that your DB is SQL Server, right? Mine is MySQL and it does not appear to have this problem.

I did however find out that the Reminders/Alert functionality seems to be causing my problem. Discussed in this post. https://suitecrm.com/forum/feedback/8320-performance-issues-regarding-suitecrm-reminders-alerts-logic#30469
It is generating thousands of reminders for old calls and meeting that have already been held. I cannot find any documentation on how to use this capability to determine if I have a setup problem or if it is a bug.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I wanted to show the very same link today,( yesterday it was getting late…!)

I should add that waiting for my backups to complete before the upgrade I toyed with outlook connector.
Even if the connector said that it could not connect (so I never suspected it) it did connect and tried to upload my calendar meetings and contacts.
I found out that some meeting records where not ok while inquiring and they generated a lot of queries, since I am not in sales and my meeting not crm matters I deleted all meetings assigned to me from the table which improved performance still…

As I suspected, my problem was due to the fact that for every Call or Meeting in the CRM that has a reminder time <> -1, a reminder will be created. This occurs even if the call or meeting has already occurred or is in the past. To avoid this problem, you can set all of the calls and meetings that meet this critieria to -1 and no reminders will be created. Since I am testing my upgrade, I am doing this before the upgrade and I don’t have the problem. If you already have upgraded, you can just delete the records in the reminders and reminders_invitees table and the system slugginess will resolve.