Extract update from git

Let me start by stating that I am not a coder / programmer.
I am just an end user (system administrator) of suiteCRM. So forgive me if I am asking / sugesting plain stupid questions.
I try hard to understand everything. I love the program and I am impatiently watching all the programming progress while it happens.
I see in the git and on the forum that there are many people contributing improvements and fixes to suiteCRM.

In the past I had a program (Do not remember what kind of program) but that program had the ability to receive the latest git updates with the click of a button.

I am able to search the forum, and implement the sugested changes to my own code, when it is a clear instruction with old code and the replacement code. In that way I am just changing the errors that I noticed myself, and could track down to the source. Of course there are much more problems hidden in the code, that I have not noticed, because I didn’t use that part of the code, or it didn’t give me a clear message on my screen / logs.
So, while I still have some errors with my suiteCRM, and unable to fix the problems myself, I was wondering, or it is possible to extract the latest updates from the git and update my installation with these latest changes. Also, I see that there are many branches, all updating and changing the code. I can see that not all the changes to the branch code, are constantly pulled into the main suiteCRM code. I can see it is done periodically.

Now the actual questions.

  • Can I extract an update from the git, to update my own installation, so I do not have to wait until the official update comes.
  • Is there a way to get the updates directly into my installation, with the click of a button?
  • Is there a way to have all code contributions / improvements (Different forks) implemented into my own installation?

I would think, that contributors are running their own code, so that it is functioning, before it comes into their own fork.

The questions I ask to receive early fixes and use them in my installation, is this possible and is this something I should want or stay far away from, because of a high risk of crippling my installation?

I tried to find a schedule on the website / forum, when to expect a new update and follow-up updates. Also I searched for a listing of what is intended to be implemented / fixed, in the future, and when to expect it. I could not find anything like this. Only a roadmap to 7.1.1. But that page does not show me anything about what and when I can expect in the future.

In the git, I saw coming by, hotfix 7.1.2. Since I am running 7.1.1, and saw in the git, that there are already quite some fixes and improvements in de code since beginning of April. When will there be a hotfix with the latest fixes (Of all the -if I am correct- 49 forks)?

I am just trying to have my installation up and running in good order, without errors, and as soon as possible.
At this stage, I am not able to hire an expert to have my installation checked and maintained. So I do what I can, to my best ability. As we say in Holland, “roeien met de riemen die je hebt” (“Rowing with the oars you have got.” Making do with the means available to you.)

Thanks in advance for answering my questions.

Hi there,

You can use IDE’s to integrate with your application and update the project with the latest changes from GitHub. There may also be applications out there which update. We would always suggest waiting until a stable release before upgrading. a bug fix release will/should improve your application but you should always run in a test environment before releasing onto a production CRM.