Extra features for Locations in the Events Module

It would be nice that the Locations module of the Events module could be enriched in the standard product with some extra information/features.
Here are some thoughts:

  1. Extra necessary fields: Telephone, Fax, Photo, Directions, map, whether catering is available/compulsory, price range for catering when available

  2. Contact persons. Probably the best solution would be a related module so that more than one could be added together with their title and contact information (telephone, fax, email), comments, …

  3. Location Facilities. Since many locations have more than one facility it would be useful to have the possibility to list one or more facilities with the description, the type (eg: theater, meeting room, other), size range drop down (very large >2000 pax, large between 250 and 2000 pax, medium between 50 and 250, small less than 50) the minimum and maximum capacity, the pricing, an evaluation to facilitate future choice

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What he said.