External OAuth Providers sidebar otions not showing

I have recently upgraded SuiteCRM to 7.14.3 in order to be able to connect to Microsoft Office 365.
When using the “External OAuth Providers” and “External OAuth Connections” options from the
“Admin” page, neither of these have any options on the sidebar to be able to setup Providers or Connections. If fact the only items in the sidebar are the most recently used modules.

There are no entries in suitecrm.log or the Apache2 logs to indicate an error.

Can anyone off any suggestions?

What are you trying to do. Also, try to share screenshots.

I was just trying to create an External OAuth Provider using the menu option that should appear on the left hand side but all it shows is the recently viewed modules. I eventually managed to do this by using the link in the Menu.php for that module. However, the menu is still not showing.