External css is not working with Pdf sample File ??

Hi All ,

i have custom module proposal in which i have implemented PrintAsPDF functionality for detail view page

i have created a template from PDF templates module

i have m pdf which look something like this with external css written

When i click on print as in pdf pdf id getting created but the problem is the external css which i have written and include in to modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/samples/smpl_Proposal_Sample.php file is not loading

so i am getting pdf something like this

ca any one guide me on this why my external css is not loading in
smpl_Proposal_sample file

Thanks For Your Time and support

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Hi All ,

Any idea how to resolve this ??

same bro. i am also having the same problem. can anybody solve this issue ??? :unsure:

Maybe putting all the css internal and/or on each html element… (Looong work)

The library used to generate pdf may not interpret external css.
Maybe take an eye to the documentation of mPDF

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