External accounts - google application - empty

Hello suiteCRM’ers,

I have a question about how to connect to google Drive with suitecrm.

For what i understand now is that in the sugar enterprise edition its done by:
User >> external account >> create – > select the google application.
Like showed in this video: Sugar - Google docs demo

Now in the SuiteCRM there is no such Goolge Application in User >> External Accounts.
The dropbox were we suppose to select the google application is empty, see screenshot. :evil:

Does somebody knows if there is a solution like this available for suitCRM?

I would appreciate if there are people around that like to share experiences on how to integrate suitecrm with google drive.



Hi Martin,

There is no out of the box functionality to connect to Google Drive but there may be third party plugins which feature this functionality.



Hi there,
we have the same problem.
Where to get this connection.

Please help.