Extended Joomla Integration

The Joomla Cases module plugin (Advanced Open Portal) is very nice.

It would be nice if it were extended to allow integration of other modules (leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities)

I am looking for a way to easily connect data between SuiteCRM and my Joomla website without having to deal with the Soap/Rest interface.


You would need to consult or look into this yourself, as the forums are not here to provide consulting.

I would advise looking at how the cases integration has been done, and replicate this for other modules.



Ok thanks.

I’m looking through advancedopenportal trying to make sense of it. Starting to think converting the cases integration with other modules may be a little outside of my scope of expertise.

I was hoping that such integration existed already.

Maybe I will try creating new fields under the “cases” module that provides some of the functionality I am looking for.

There is only one paid module that provides integration between Joomla and SugarCRM (SugaryCB) - but that looks like it is only for SugarCRM information with Joomla - and hasn’t been updated in a long time.

Thanks anyway.