Extend session expirey

Hi there.

I’ve developed a basic timer module that tracks time using JS in a popup window. However, I’ve began to run into a problem that Suites session expires when the timer has been running for an extended period of time.

My initial thoughts on approaches would be:
a. Disable sessions (which I’d prefer not to do as this would be considerable work)
b. Extend the session expiration time
c. Fire an ajax call to load something to keep the session alive

Has anyone ever looked in to sessions or have any advice before I begin pulling apart the engine?


I think that using variant “c” in your code is a good decision because you will be control session only when your code is used.

Maybe it would be possible to play with these options:

I think that SuiteCRM uses the PHP session management, I don’t think there’s any additional application-level mechanism dealing with the timeouts. But I might be wrong.

Thanks. I’ll just increased the session.gc_maxlifetime in php.ini and I’ll see what effect that has. I haven’t worked with sessions for a decade had forgotten where the timeout was.