Exporting SuiteCRM survey responses as an Excel format

Hello everyone,

I have created a survey in SuiteCRM and collected some data. I can see the survey responses in the CRM but I want to export the survey responses as Excel. I could not figure out how to do it or even if this is possible in SuiteCRM.
Thank you in advance.

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If you can’t find the Export option in the UI, it probably doesn’t exist.

You can get what you want if you extract the data directly from the database with a tool like phpMyAdmin. But you need to understand SQL to do that, it’s a bit technical.

Hi @pgr,
Thank you for taking the time to respond. I can handle that technically and I have checked it but I could not find the responses in the database tables. Could you please tell me which table specifically SuiteCRM stores data captured from the surveys link? Now, as you can see in the attached picture I have 59 responses.

I can see the questions of the survey from surveyquestions table in the database and all I want is to extract the responses to that questions.

Thank you.

In SuiteCRM, You can export the Survey in a CSV file which is provided by default. For Exporting the Survey in Excel file needs to do some customization.

@jessica1 does that CSV export include the answers to the Survey?

@radima there are several tables you need to check:

Have a look here to get a better notion of how they relate to each other:


@pgr That is also right.
Thanks for the Information.

Hi @pgr,

None of these tables actually contain the survey responses to the survey questions. I am not sure if it is the expected behavior or not but I can not see the survey responses in these tables.

Do you see content in the description or answer fields of the surveyresponses table? I would bet it is a Base64-encoded PHP array.

Try pasting those contents here: