Exporting Reports to CSV taking lots of time

Hello Developers,
I have Case report with relate module columns with more that 1000 records.
While exporting report taking lots of time.
I got below link where mention “Use a joined query rather than related module bean loads”.
I’m not able to find where related module bean is loading. Can you please mention file name or any other solution for the same?

URL : https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/8698

Why not do it directly from SQL? For large reports that would probably be wiser. You can quietly work on a nice joined query and then use some Reporting tool (like Excel or Access or many others) to get even nicer looking results.

Thanks for reply.
I have multiple reports. and it is not possible to write sql for every report in limited time.
and thats why i’m looking for core customization. can you please suggest file name where can i customize query.


I also don’t know where, I also posted a comment on that issue that you linked above :point_up: asking that.

But I think that the code that builds the Reports query is very complex, since it allows for all the drag-and-drop options and builds it from there. I am not sure if you will be able to do anything there without spending a ton of time…

Thanks for your help. I also check in aor_reports files. But i don’t get any code which load related bean.

I’d say it’s probably this GetRelatedModule call

which calls this

which does a bunch of recursive work creating Beans as it goes along.