Exporting/Improting Projects module in CSV

Hi All why do some modules not /import/export csv via Suitecrm?
Ive looked at it via phpmyadmin and its split tables which isnt helpful.

Any idea how i can perfectly export this?

any help please as to how i can export the projectsd module in csv? and import it…

You have to enable the importing/exporting functionality via code, as some modules do not have the functionality out of the box.

ok how do i do this?

if i want to enable projects import/export?


there are examples of how it has been done to other modules, if you look the following file you can see how it is done.


There is the following line.

var $importable = true;

Modules which dont have the ability to import will either be set to false or not have the var set at all. adding this line to the module you wish and doing a repair and rebuild will do it.

I recon that the projects module would not have been set to do this due to the project tasks module. when importing the projects the project tasks might not import as well. so chances are not allowing importing would be allowed out of the box by design.



thanks Ian thats Brilliant - :slight_smile: also is it possible to export all the data from accounts into a csv?

It should be possible, I say should as it does depend on the amount of records that would be and what settings have been set in the php.ini file. if there is a large data set then it could time out or run out of memory. but this is dependent on the amount of fields on the accounts module, the amount of records on the accounts module and then also on the settings of the server and what spec the server is.


Hi Ian, thanks where can i export it?


You can export the records via the list view of the account. just select all the records and the dropdown next to the delete button there should be an export button.

You could also use the Reporting tool to export records.


thank you so much for your help Ian - how can i stop certain fields exporting - as you cant seem to delete fields in Suite?


You cant delete default fields but you can delete custom fields that have been created by the admin user.

if you want to export certain fields you are best to use the reporting module this will allow you to select the fields you want to view and export. allowing export to csv.


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