Exporting data from the Reports module to a csv file changes the date.

I have a report that I am exporting and one of the fields is a date field. When it is exported to the csv file, it comes in with a time appended to the end of it, and the date is one day prior. It appears that the report function is causing this, because if i export the same record from the opportunities module it exports exactly as it appears in the record. This is in version 7.6.4.

Example - The Expected Close Date in the Opportunity is - 06/302016.
When the field is exported from the report module, it changes the date to - 06/29/2016 07:00pm


Is this in the Reports module found in SuiteCRM or via a 3rd Party reports module that has been installed?

Not a third party, this is in the reports module in SuiteCRM.

Hi trendon

I am unable to replicate this issue at the moment on a 7.6.4 instance.

There have been a few new versions released, up to 7.6.6, which include a few Reports fixes.
It is possible that your issue may have been resolved in one of these versions, so you may wish to upgrade to see if this resolves your issue.
(As always, I would recommend backing up your CRM/DB before upgrading just in case you need/want to revert)

If you upgrade, does it resolve your issue?

this affects me exactly the same.

i expect a certain date and it gives me the 5;00pm time and the day before.

let me know how anyone resolved this. I’m on 7.6.6

any help appreciated!

hey everyone.
i’ve done some further investigation and here is what is really happening.

if I export directly to PDF from the report it’s PERFECT.

However if I export to .csv, the problems begin as noted above.

if I change the ‘format’ in the report for that date field to ‘YMD’ for example, it displays fine on the report, BUT, when i go to export, it is pulling
a) the formatting as if I had not chosen any formatting at all (the ‘none’ formatting)
b) it’s pulling the DAY BEFORE the actual date in the database

extremely perplexing and massively causing problems in my day to day.

It seems as though something is going wrong only with the export feature in the report module only.

thanks for any/all help and screenshot attached

I guess i have been self-helping myself long enough in this forum that I’m getting better at doing it!

the answer to my question was actually found in this post:

LINK to work around date-fixer for export

apparently there is a bug filed for this but it’s still here in mine evidently (7.6.6)

You have to chage your user’s timezone to GMT +0:00 and then save it and then go back and export your report (to csv) and it will now pull the correct date in the field instead of whatever random date it was pulling

hope that prevents hair pulling…