Exporting data-Contacts and custom module relationship!

Hi all,

I have been trying to export data from Contacts but filtered out with custom module field.

Relationship between Contacts and Custom module is many to one and custom field is showing in Studio fields and other sections as a part of Contacts. The field from custom module is showing in filter section and you can sort and filter out without a problem, but export does not work properly.

There are 2 problems with export, First, when exporting up to 100 records, I can get csv file but the custom field (from other Custom module) that should be in Contacts due to relationship rule is not present. This is strange since you can filter out by that fields in advance filter section in Contacts.

Second problem is, when you filter out records and they are showing numbers above 100, the page goes blank after you start exporting and you can’t get csv file at all.

MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘hn_pr_hearnow_projects_contacts_1_name’ in ‘where clause’

SuiteCRM log shows that column or custom fields does not exist at all. and you can see that filtering works in screenshot.

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