Exporting a report the CSV contains php code!

I’ve just create my first report and everything works well.

When I come to export the report to a CSV though the report is ruined (two rows for every record) because some php code is being output in the currency column. What I see is:

function CurrencyConvertAll() { return }

The report is reporting on a custom build module which might be a contributing to the issue.

What file is responsible for creating the exports of reports?


FYI the problem does not affect export to pdf.

Ok so I’ve tracked the culprit down to:

modules/AOW_WorkFlow/aow_utils.php #278

Its part of an if statement as follows:

// hack to disable one of the js calls in this control
        if ( isset($vardef['function']) && ( $vardef['function'] == 'getCurrencyDropDown' || $vardef['function']['name'] == 'getCurrencyDropDown' ) )
            $contents .= "{literal}<script>function CurrencyConvertAll() { return; }</script>{/literal}";

Not sure what it is suppose to be doing but its not being evaluated when the export is called. I’ll try and comment it out and see if that fixes my issue.

Yes, commenting out this if statement resolves my issue. Not sure if it will have any detrimental effects somewhere else in the application though.

Can this be marked as a bug???