Export & Import Cases aop_case_updates

Hi again all.

My 5 year old SuiteCRM instance has been the most knocked around product of all time & it still keeps going. It’s been upgraded from the first release I think & lots of data was imported from vTiger & SugarCRM. As well as that, I’ve tried heaps of third party modules & made quite a mess. :slight_smile:

So I’m starting afresh on 7.8.2 instance & uploading my (clean) custom modules & re creating the rest.

Instead of importing my mistakes with the SQL database, I’m exporting the data to csv & importing to the new instance.

I couldn’t see a way of exporting the aop_case_updates though

So I ended up using the phpMyAdmin to export the table (named aop_case_updates), then removed the top lines by using the " - - " commenting out method .

That prevented phpMySql from trying to create a new table.

Then also using phpMySql I imported the data to the existing aop_case_updates table. (I found that quite easy)

It worked a treat, so I thought I’d put it here as I couldn’t find much other info on the forum. :slight_smile: